Week 4, Video #7: Piano Improvisation From Scratch

In this final video, I talk about how to improvise on the piano completely from scratch – just sitting down and playing.

Of course, you do need some sort of structure to start, but by using what we’ve learned so far, you can get a head start and make some great sounds quickly and easily.

In case I haven’t said it enough before, THANK YOU for taking the time to join me in this 4-week interactive course. I truly appreciate your interest in this subject – it’s one I LOVE to teach and talk about and continue to study myself.

I do hope you’ve gotten as much or more out of this course than I’ve put in (I know I’ve gotten more out of it!).

Thanks again.
Bill Romer

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Week 4, Video #1: Sus Chords, Diminished Chords, and Chord Substitutions

Welcome to the final week of Improvise Piano… Fast! In some ways, I feel like we’ve covered a TON of information, but in other ways, I feel like we’ve just begun to scratch the surface. How true that can be when learning just about anything, don’t you know.

In this first video, I talk more about sus chords, diminished chords, and chord substitutions, and how and when to go about using them. No overview this week – we just jump right in!

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